3.3.3 Assessing an Organization’s Change Readiness


Assessing an Organization's Change Readiness

Assessing an agency’s readiness is an important aspect of the change management process. Even before administering a particular readiness assessment, consider each question in this checklist to ensure the assessment and the change management process are effective moving forward.

How has the organization responded to change in the past?

What are the organizational factors that will lead to successful implementation of TAM?

Who are the people (or groups of people) in the organization with the most influence for TAM?

Is the organization’s structure amicable towards the change?

What do employees know about TAM?

Do employees support TAM or is there general resistance?

What are the characteristics of TAM or specific TAM-related changes that the organization will respond best to?

What is the best way to administer the readiness assessment?

What scale will be used to assess the organization’s readiness for the change?

Is there an existing change readiness assessment model or tool that matches the organization’s priorities?

What else is going on in the agency that could impact the timing and successful implementation of these changes?