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The guide has features designed to support practitioners who are…

New to TAM

The guide features information curated specifically for those new to TAM – whether new to a transportation agency, recently transferred to the asset management division, or students beginning research in TAM.

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Building Knowledge

Asset management practitioners may be interested in learning more about a specific TAM topic. For example, a practitioner might be interested resource allocation as their agency begins to discuss different ways to allocate funding among assets.

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Strengthening Practices

An asset management practitioner may also be interested in strengthening a specific aspect of their TAM program. For example, a practitioner may want to strengthen their agency’s data governance and management practices related to TAM.

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The guide features Practice Examples from organizations around the country, Checklists to help guide TAM improvements, and How-To Guides for accomplishing common and critical TAM tasks. Choose a tab below to browse Practice Examples, Checklists, and How-To Guides from the TAM Guide!