6.5.3 Risk Management Process


Risk Management Process

The successful monitoring and enhancement of a risk management process or other TAM business processes requires a concerted and coordinated effort throughout the organization. To help ensure success, agencies can consider the following important factors.

Do you have a structure with clear roles and responsibilities that are coordinated across the agency?

  • The roles and responsibilities required to support a TAM program will change over time as the agency matures. Initially, an agency may start with a small, concentrated team of individuals supporting TAM, but as the process is embedded in the agency’s practices, the number of involved team members may grow.
  • TAM is a cross-disciplined practice that requires strong coordination and a clear strategy to keep everyone aligned.

Do you have the right resources to implement your plans and programs?

  • A lack of available resources can cause the implementation of TAM to fail, so ensuring that the right resources are available may require the support of upper management.
  • The implementation of risk management and TAM often require changes in the way an organization is doing business, so training programs may be needed to ensure staff can be effective and that they have confidence in making the changes necessary.