6.5.1 Monitoring External Considerations in Risk


Monitoring External Considerations in Risk

In the early stages of risk management, transportation agencies tend to focus primarily on identifying and monitoring internal risks that are within the agency’s control. However, agencies should also monitor external considerations that may influence agency risk, including those listed below.

How will changes in technology impact the way transportation agencies operate in the future?

What political or social trends are impacting the way we manage our transportation network?

Is the frequency or intensity of weather events impacting the performance of our transportation network?

As an agency, are we dependent on external sources to provide critical information for managing the network?

Are trends in financial models indicating that revenue for transportation will be impacted dramatically in the next several years?

Are there indications that regulatory or legal compliance issues are changing?

As an agency, are there changes in the available workforce that will need to be addressed?

Are there trends in contractor or vendor practices that could impact our ability to deliver our program?

Are there changes in travel demand that are impacting the way the transportation system is managed?