7.1.3 Data Items to Standardize for TAM


Data Items to Standardize for TAM

Consider establishing standard definitions, code lists, and formats for the following items.

Location of assets, projects, and maintenance activities.

  • Spatial (X,Y)
  • Linear reference
  • District/region, city/county

Asset ID.

  • A shared, unique identifier for an asset

Project ID.

  • A shared, unique identifier for a project, ideally maintained from “cradle to grave”

Asset Category/Type.

  • Based on an adopted agency naming convention

Asset work type.

  • A common set of categories for describing types of maintenance, repair, rehabilitation or replacement work performed.
  • Ideally these are hierarchical, enabling roll-ups from detailed work types to shared work categories that can be used for reporting across asset types.

Asset Inventory units of measure.

  • Common inventory units include linear feet, square feet, ‘each’ and miles.

Asset Work units of measure.

  • These may be similar to inventory units but include things like tons of asphalt patching.

Resource types and unit costs.

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Contracts

Project-Asset Linkage.

  • To identify which assets were included within a project

Maintenance Activity-Asset Linkage.

  • To identify assets (and quantities) were included within a maintenance activity

Work Status.

  • Proposed
  • Planned/programmed
  • In progress
  • Complete
  • Open to traffic

Timeframe for work completion.

  • Multiple levels of granularity as needed for planning and reporting


  • Standard methods of accounting for inflation
  • Inclusion of ancillary costs such as construction engineering or traffic control
  • Ability to compare estimates across systems

File naming conventions.

  • For linking standard documents to asset information

File formats.

  • Design data
  • Multimedia data