5.4.2 Work Planning and Delivery


Work Planning and Delivery

This checklist provides the factors agencies should consider during the resource allocation process to leverage opportunities for improved work planning and delivery. From project-level and agency-level issues, to public policy and life cycle issues, these factors are key to improving work planning and delivery. As a result, agencies may be able to make more efficient and effective resource allocation decisions.

Project-Level Issues

  • Project Size
  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Allocation
  • Requirements for Sustainable Design Criteria

Agency-Level Issues

  • Agency Experience
  • Staffing Required
  • Staff Capability
  • Agency Goals and Objectives
  • Agency Control of Project
  • Third-Party Agreements

Public Policy/Regulatory Issues

  • Competition
  • DBE Impacts
  • Labor Unions
  • Federal/State/Local Laws
  • Federal/State Regulations
  • Stakeholder/Community Input

Life Cycle Issues

  • Life cycle Costs
  • Maintainability
  • Sustainable Design Goals
  • Sustainable Construction Goals

Other Issues

  • Construction Claims
  • Potential for Adversarial Relationships