Stakeholder Engagement

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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is another mechanism for coordination. External stakeholders can be partners the agency works with to deliver TAM benefits, and they can also be customers who use the transportation system. Keeping stakeholders informed and engaging them to understand TAM can lead to their support for funding initiatives and their understanding of tough decisions where services may be cut.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (COP) can be used to coordinate with external stakeholders and partners. For example, these communities could be organized across the various asset owners within a region or state to achieve a comprehensive view of TAM. This is a good way to meet MAP-21 requirements and communicate a view of the NHS.

Public-Private Partnership (P3) Concessionaires are entities that are much more common in international settings. They are not used extensively in the US. When they are involved, it’s important that the performance measures that are being applied to them match the TAM policies and procedures.