7.4 Evaluate Current Maturity to Support BIM and Identify a Future Target


Evaluate Current Maturity to Support BIM and Identify a Future Target

CRP Special Release 4: Lifecycle BIM for Infrastructure: A Business Case for Project Delivery and Asset Management developed a maturity matrix and supporting spreadsheet tool which provide transportation agencies a framework with which to identify the current level of BIM maturity and to assess opportunities to better integrate BIM within their organizations.

This Organizational BIM Assessment Matrix can be utilized to evaluate current and target desired maturity through a three-step process.

  1. Identify the Planning Timeframe

    Focus your evaluation on either short-term goals (1-2 year outlook) or on developing a long-term roadmap (5-10 year horizon).

  2. Complete the Maturity Assessment

    Download the spreadsheet Assessment Matrix tool and work either individually or with targeted stakeholders to enter the Current and Target maturity level for each of the 20 elements.

  3. Summarize and Communicate Results

    After completing the maturity assessment, use the Summary tab of the tool to view a summary of each of the six BIM Planning Element Areas assessed (Strategy, BIM Uses, Process, Information, Infrastructure, and Personnel). Develop summary materials to communicate current vs. target level and support executive/decision-maker engagement and plan next steps.