3.2.1 03 TAM Data Collection

TAM Data Collection / Ohio DOT

The Ohio DOT Asset Management Leadership Team is a cross-disciplined team, with representatives from all major business units, that establishes data governance and data collection standards. A sub-group of the Leadership Team, the TAM Audit Group, is then responsible for overseeing all asset data related requirements, and making sure standards are in place and processes are followed. This group reviews and approves all data collection efforts and ensures that efforts are coordinated across the DOT. Having designated roles and responsibilities in regards to data governance and collection allows the agency to identify all potential customers of the data being collected and ensure that the data is sufficient to meet all relevant asset management needs.

The Ohio DOT deploys a hierarchy for managing TAM data collection.

  • TAM data priority is established by the Governance Board (Assistant Directors)
  • The Asset Management Leadership Team (AMLT), which is a cross-discipline team of representatives from all major business units, develop strategies and collaboration opportunities to achieve Governance Board directives
  • The TAM Audit Group (TAMAG) perform business relationship management by working with data business owners, SMEs, and stakeholders to create enterprise TAM data requirements
  • The Central Office GIS team utilizes the completed TAMAG business requirements to create data collection solutions
  • The District TAM Coordinators provide oversight, support and coordination for data collection solution implementation, operations and performance

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