6.1.2 Benchmark Performance


Benchmark Performance

To benchmark practices with other state DOTs, agencies can use the steps below. These steps are provided in more detail in NCHRP Report 902 Benchmarking and Comparative Measurement for Effective Performance Management.

  1. Set the stage

    Identify a performance area to benchmark, assemble the team, select a leader, establish objectives and ground rules, and build agency support for the process.

  2. Select peer agencies

    Select peer agencies with similar characteristics, such as location, size, system and service characteristics, and traffic demand.

  3. Define the approach

    Choose and define one or more measures to compare.

  4. Obtain data

    Gather the data needed from peer agencies, national databases, or other sources.

  5. Analyze data

    Evaluate the quality of the data and address missing or incomplete data, data that does not fall within the valid range, or other data problems.

  6. Identify noteworthy practices

    Contact top-performing agencies to discuss key elements that influenced their success.

  7. Communicate results

    Share the findings with agency leadership, impacted staff, and/or other stakeholders.

  8. Recommend improvements

    Determine what steps could be taken to improve performance.

  9. Repeat the process

    Consider benchmarking as an important steps of continuous improvement within the agency.