6.5.3 Use RACI To Create a Responsibility Assignment


Use RACI To Create a Responsibility Assignment

A RACI matrix is a tool used to identify roles and responsibilities to ensure that tasks or activities are completed. The term RACI is taken from the words:

  • Responsible. Assigning responsibility for getting the work done or making a needed decision.
  • Accountable. Identifying the person who is responsible for making sure the work is done.
  • Consulted. Recognizing that others will provide information needed to complete an activity.
  • Informed. Keeping people aware of progress that is made.

The development of a RACI matrix includes the steps listed here.

  1. Identify project roles or participants.

    Along the top of the chart list all individuals who will be involved in the process or list the roles that will be needed.

  2. Identify project tasks, milestones, and decisions.

    List these along the left-hand column. List all key tasks, milestones, and/or decisions in the chart, but don’t get so detailed that it becomes a to-do list (like listing team meetings).

  3. Assign roles for each task and deliverable.

    Using the RACI model, assign to each task one individual who will be accountable for making sure the work is done and one or more people who will be responsible for completing the work. Identify individuals or roles who should be consulted while the task is ongoing and who should be informed once the task is complete.

  4. Get buy-in for each role and responsibility.

    Be sure that everyone agrees to the roles and responsibilities assigned for the project.

  5. Use the RACI matrix to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.