2 Data Sharing

Data Sharing / VTrans

VTrans shares their data with the public through the VTransparency Public Information Portal. The goal of the portal is to “turn data into useful information for our customers” and to “create tools for getting answers to some of the questions we get most often”. The VTransparency Portal features different tools for viewing specific data. These tools include:

  • Projects Map
  • Road Conditions
  • Plow Finder
  • Weather Cams
  • Maintenance Districts
  • Crash Fatality Report
  • Crash Query Tool
  • Find a Project
  • Daily Traffic
  • Highway Closures
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Pavement Conditions
  • Pavement Performance
  • Maintenance Work
  • Rail Asset Inventory
  • Rail Bridge Inspections
  • Rail Clearance
  • Rail X-ing Inspections

The VTransparency Portal also links to the Vermont Open GeoData Portal. This provides GIS map layers related to the various tools for people interested in doing their own analysis of VTrans data. VTrans holds to the principle of making data available by default unless it is sensitive. The agency values transparency with the public and welcomes feedback on the tools they’ve developed. The VTransparency Portal can be accessed at https://vtrans.vermont.gov/vtransparency

Read more in the chapter: 7.3.2 Data Sharing